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Results: AS-SSD Copy Performance Test And Overall Results

Does Your Storage Controller Affect The Performance Of An SSD?
By , Achim Roos

Intel's Z77 and Z87 chipsets shine when it comes to copying large ISO images, medium-sized files, and itty-bitty bits of data. In fact, this benchmark somewhat reflects what we saw in PCMark Vantage benchmark (maybe that one wasn't far off after all?). AMD's SB950 south bridge and A75 Fusion Controller Hub fall in behind the two Intel PCHs, though at a significant pentalty. The Marvell and ASMedia AMD1061 controllers offer acceptable, but by no means stellar performance. However, attaching a modern SSD to an old 3 Gb/s Intel or AMD chipset is like speeding off with the parking brake engaged when it comes to moving mass amounts of information.

Overall Performance

Since the Z77 and Z87 Express Platform Controller Hubs lead in most of the benchmarks, they naturally claim the gold and silver medals overall.

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