‘Robo Recall’ Gets Official 360-Degree Rotation Support In First Major Patch

Epic Games released the first update to it recent VR hit Robo Recall. The game launched on March 1 and was well-received by Oculus Touch owners, but it was also designed for front-facing configurations and launched without proper support for Oculus’ experimental 360-degree tracking setup.

Epic Games launched a mod pack alongside the Robo Recall game, which allowed anyone to tinker with the game and build mods for it. One of the first mods to surface was an unofficial 360-degree tracking solution, which you can find on roborecallmods.com, but that was just a temporary fix. A spokesperson for Epic Games told Upload VR that the developer would add official 360-degree support to Robo Recall with the game’s first update, which they said would launch “later this month.”

Fast forward to today, the last day of March, and Epic Games is making good on its promise. The company just released an update that includes the new tracking solution and several bug fixes and changes, which should help improve the experience.

In addition to the new tracking mode (which you can activate in the tracking options section of the settings page), Epic Games made the following changes to Robo Recall:

Added support for 360 tracking mode. Available in Settings → Tracking Options.Replaced ending credits music with “Shooty Shooty Gun Hands,” the masterpiece that came in too hot for launch.Improved and stabilized teleporting up onto ledges.Fixed a bug that caused crawlers to be wiggidy-wack when you grabbed them during one part of their "get up" sequence.Added more unique colors for high multiplier numbers. People are tearing it up on YouTube!Fixed a bug that caused flickering between LODs in a very narrow window.Made a few improvements for spectator leaderboard functionality.Fixed a small bug on the Holo-table that caused weapon dangly bits to misbehave upon dropping said weapon.Fixed “Whip Slam” damage scoring events and made damage scale with impact velocity.Made several audio performance improvements.Added fixes for font caching that wasn't working properly to eliminate hitches the first time unique text is rendered. Fixed bug where Boss VO wasn't being affected by VO volume settings.Fixed additional audio bugs. Spectator leaderboard now correctly states when player is in All Star Mode.

The Robo Recall update is available today. Your game client should automatically update the next time you open the Oculus Home software.

 Kevin Carbotte is a contributing writer for Tom's Hardware who primarily covers VR and AR hardware. He has been writing for us for more than four years.