'Squadron 42' Nearly Finished, But Not Ready For Release In 2016

At Cloud Imperium Games’ (CIG) annual CitizenCon event, CEO Chris Roberts provided an update to Squadron 42, the standalone, single-player experience that is separate from Star Citizen. Even though work on Squadron 42 is near completion, it seems like we won’t get to play the game this year.

In terms of content, Roberts said that all of the game’s chapters and gameplay are at the “grey-box” level, which means that development is nearly complete, but the last set of assets aren’t included yet, and the developers want to give it a final polish.
There are also some technical issues to solve throughout the game. This includes full animation integration, combat logic, flight AI, and of course, optimizations for a plethora of CPUs and GPUs.

However, CIG plans to show off a portion of the finished product soon. Roberts said that the team will take one chapter of the game to what he considers to be the final shipping quality. Not only does this give fans another sneak peek at the game, but it also helps the developers eliminate any technical or polishing issues.

Squadron 42 initially started as small part of the Star Citizenexperience. However, it eventually peeled off from the base game and expanded into its current state. The final product is split into 28 chapters with over 60 missions. Players will see 40 different types of spacecraft as they progress through the story, and they’ll be able to participate in ship-to-ship combat in outer space as well as in the atmosphere of the surrounding planets.

Squadron 42 also boasts a cast of Hollywood stars such as Gary Oldman, Gillian Anderson, and Mark Hamill. Obviously, the production value is high, thanks to numerous pledges from players (you can still contribute to the project on the game’s website), all of whom want to see their investment culminate into CIG’s first finished title.

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Game Details
NameSquadron 42
TypeSpace, Simulation, Action
DeveloperCloud Imperium Games
PublisherCloud Imperium Games
Where To BuyCloud Imperium Games
Release DateN/A
  • Poozle
    I love this game. It will take time, but that is not unexpected.
  • cats_Paw
    Chris Roberts got the opportunity of a life time. If he succeeds, he may very well create a studio that will make games great again (damn you Trump, now that always sounds like a political rally).

    I did not back the kick starter, but I will be looking at this game closely when it comes out. I honestly wish him luck, especially after the No Mas Sky fiasco (but to be honest, people should have seen that coming).
  • HaB1971
    I backed the game at around the $34 Million mark for SQ42 only... as it was when I found out about it.. The scope creep of the game and toxicity of the community has made me stay away from it for some time.. the hype train is seriously strong for Star Citizen.. if it delivers... great... should be a good game, with great acting... As long as at the end of SQ42 you don't get a cheesy thumbs up from Chris Roberts sitting in the cockpit of one of the ships (if you suffered through Wing Commander the Movie you'll know what I mean)