'The Witcher 3' New Game+ Rolling Out To All Platforms

If you're done playing through The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, CD Projekt RED has plans to bring you back for a second helping. The long awaited "New Game +" mode is beginning to make its way to all platforms today, with the full release slated for tomorrow. The feature is the sixteenth and final piece of free DLC promised by the developers.

A few details about the second playthrough were revealed a few weeks ago by community manager Marcin Momot via the game's forums. If you finished the game with Geralt's level above 30, then you can keep that same level when the game starts; otherwise, players will get a boost to level 30 to start their second game.

However, there are few things that won't carry over the second time around. These include monster trophies, quest items, books and letters, and the kicker, Gwent cards. However, weapons, equipment, crafting components, recipes and money will still remain. Most of the removed items make sense considering the game's storyline, but those who have a certain attachment to their strong Gwent decks might think twice about starting the adventure again.

The Rise Of New Game+

The addition of "New Game +" is a growing trend in today's games. Replayability is always a big concern with AAA titles, yet some require you to start an entirely new save, making the player work for skills and items that already took countless hours to acquire. With this feature, players will be able to go through the game again without having to start from square one, carrying over the most vital attributes while still enjoying the game again.

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  • plasmastorm
    Good reason for me to pick up the game again on PS4. Really enjoyed it but didn't want to replay from scratch/lvl 1 just to see a different story line.
  • chicofehr
    So this increases the difficulty?