Optimizing Your Phenom II Overclock For Efficiency

Average And Total Power During PCMark

We also looked at the average power consumption during a full PCMark Vantage run. The power consumption didn’t change much in between 2.8 GHz and 3.4 GHz, but once we had to increase the core voltage, power consumption increased noticeably. The 3.8 GHz setting most likely will spoil the efficiency results for this setting.

In order to calculate PCMark Vantage performance per Watt-hours used, we looked at the total power in Watt-hours used to complete one PCMark Vantage run. The difference was amazingly small in the case of 2.8 GHz to even 3.6 GHz, which means that overclocking the system to 3.6 GHz will provide increased performance, without making the system eat horrible amounts of energy to complete workloads. Again, the 3.8 GHz setting required most power.