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This Week's Humble Bundle features Alan Wake

It's shaping up to be a good week for Remedy Entertainment. They've gotten Quantum Break, their TV-videogame transmedia effort, out into the open at the Xbox One reveal. While the feedback they're hearing isn't necessarily positive—the Quantum Break teaser wasn't exactly informative and the game being an Xbox-exclusive hasn't exactly pleased its primarily PC-based fans—they're still receiving plenty of media buzz.

They've also picked this time to launch a Humble Bundle deal. For this week, both Alan Wake: Collector's Edition and Alan Wake: American Nightmare will be available for purchase for $1 or more, buyer's choice. The Collector's Edition features "The Signal" and "The Writer" DLC along with developer commentary videos, a PDF art book, and the game's soundtrack.

Thus so far, the Alan Wake bundle has raised over $200K, not too shabby for a day's worth of work. For gamers into the horror genre, the Alan Wake series certainly is something worth checking out, especially at the price of a single dollar.