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PSU Roundup: Performance, Price, Efficiency

Conclusion: Dragon Force and Silverstone Win

The clear “performance for your money” winner in our power supply test is the Dragon Force. The DF-530GT is a solid device that delivers its performance without any issues, running on stable voltages that never deviate much from the nominal values. But you don’t get everything for this low price, of course. There’s no cable management, no accessories, and few cables are included. More problematic for North American customers is availability. Unfortunately, this unit will likely only be an option for our overseas readers.

Thus, our overall recommendation for this round (and Best of Tom’s award) goes to Silverstone’s Strider SST-ST70F. Priced at about $139, this power supply is unbeatable given its performance. It also comes with many long connection cables, which simplify configuration in component-laden PCs and eliminate the need for add-on adapters. Although the Silverstone’s efficiency drops under full load, it remains very high under half-load and low-load conditions.