VIDEO: Crysis 2 Gameplay Footage @ E3 2010

For those who missed EA's E3 2010 press conference Monday night, here's a portion of the presentation that showcases the hot new multi-platform shooter, Crysis 2. Crytek founder, CEO and president Cevat Yerli came out and presented gameplay footage from the Central Station level, and it was simply an action-packed bucket of awesome. There was even a hint of drama when the hero was unable to save pleading civilians as the surrounding cityscape began to fall apart.

As we reported yesterday, Crytek announced that the game will support 3D across all three platforms, however that aspect wasn't shown during the presentation. Instead, Yerli handed out 3D glasses to everyone available in the audience--apparently they actually got a taste of hands-on 3D Crysis 2 goodness.

Anyway, enough talk. Here's the E3 footage thanks to G4. Prepare to want. Badly.

[Edited by Eric Wang]

Crysis 2 @ E3 2010

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  • XD_dued
    console.... need pc footage lol. Better not be held back by consoles!
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  • builderbobftw
    Looks awesome!
  • andyman30
    well I'm definitely not worried about this game not being able to live up to its hype, looks legit.
  • dameon51
    want now