This is What DC Universe Online Will Look Like

The superhero universe is a match made in heaven for MMO gameplay. City of Heroes showed that it was possible without any expensive license, it was about time that the comic book media involved (without getting cancelled) and soon we'll be getting the DC Universe Online on both the PC and PS3 this November.

Rather than having a city filled with Supermans, Batmans, Flashes, etc, you'll be still making your own hero. But we're still looking forward to it. Released at E3 was this trailer that refreshingly showed all in-engine scenes and some real gameplay.

DC Universe E3 Trailer

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  • yay
    reminds me too much of wow... Ewww.
  • pojih
    yayreminds me too much of wow... Ewww.



    You know WoW made all of the money it did for a reason right? Sure it changed over the years in order to make more money, but I really don't see a problem with the original.

    And the game, looks nothing like WoW.
  • harth13
    doesn't look good