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Jorno Intros World's Smallest Folding Keyboard

By - Source: Jorno | B 13 comments

This Kickstarter project features a Bluetooth mobile keyboard that can be folded into a box.

Oh Microsoft, it looks as if another peripheral manufacturer plans to take on your Wedge Mobile Keyboard. California-based Jorno revealed on Wednesday a competing Bluetooth mobile keyboard using the same name. It's currently a Kickstarter project, looking for $100,000 USD by October 17.

Whereas Microsoft's solution packs Windows 8 buttons and a cover that converts into a tablet stand, Jorno's solution actually folds five ways into a box, allowing users to stash it away in their pocket, purse, backpack and whatnot like a Nintendo DS. Unfolded and laid out flat, the Bluetooth peripheral measures around 8.5-inches wide, and stands 0.3-inches tall, offering a full set of keys.

"Jorno is made of metals and premium plastic resins designed to withstand the mobile lifestyle," reads the Kickstarter description. "Its compact size allows you to put it in your pocket and go. It also stays rigid when unfolded for use in your lap."

And unlike Microsoft's Wedge Mobile Keyboard, this folding gadget comes with a cradle that securely holds a phone or tablet in either portrait or landscape orientation. There's also a stowable kickstand and a rubberized surface to hold the connected device securely.

"We are incredibly excited to introduce a mobile keyboard to the market, which offers such a unique and essential design that has yet to be created," said Scott Starrett, CEO and Founder, Jorno. "We are passionate about this innovation and are certain it is the next big thing in the mobile productivity arena."

The actual dimensions of the Jorno keyboard are 3.5 x 3.5 x 1.2-inches (88.9 x 88.9 x 30.5-mm) folded, and 8.5 x 3.5 x 0.3-inches (215.9 x 88.9 x 7.6-mm) unfolded. It comes packed with a rechargeable lithium ion battery, offering up to 1 month of wireless productivity per charge based on normal usage. A microUSB cable for charging the device is also included.

For more information about this five-way folding mobile Bluetooth keyboard, head to the Kickstarter page here.


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    derekullo , September 21, 2012 8:51 AM
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    Pennanen , September 21, 2012 8:43 AM
    Oh its another kickstarter.
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    derekullo , September 21, 2012 8:51 AM
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    Pyree , September 21, 2012 9:13 AM
    I used the ruler to measure the width of my palms, they add up to 180mm (90mm palm width is pretty average).
    Consider the entire width of the keyboard is 215.9mm, the space between key "a" to ";" will be even smaller. From the scale of the photo, the space is approximately 150mm. I put my hands on the resting position for touch type and try to squeeze the fingers into 150mm of space. There is hardly any space.
    So the folding keyboard is not going to be comfortable for normal hands.
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    master_chen , September 21, 2012 12:48 PM
    Yep. No hope for humanity after all! :\
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    mr grim , September 21, 2012 1:03 PM
    Well I think it's a pretty cool idea, if you use you mobile device on a regular basis and need a keyboard it would be a hell of a lot easier then trying to type with the tiny keys on the touch screen, I only use 2 fingers even on my full size keyboard so having a keyboard that size would not bother me at all.
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    rebel1280 , September 21, 2012 1:57 PM
    carpal tunnel anyone? Eh, though im not the target market, for the amateur journalist, im sure this is almost priceless.
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    freggo , September 21, 2012 2:05 PM
    It seems the design was made for use on a fold out table on an airplane.
    As such this may not be too bad. However, I have not looked at the price yet.
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    Anonymous , September 21, 2012 2:07 PM
    I want a flying car that folds into a briefcase at the press of a button. I also want a device that can reach Jane to STOP THIS CRAZY THING!
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    freggo , September 21, 2012 2:07 PM
    Omitted from the article...$119 with free US shipping if it should get funded etc.

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    Vorador2 , September 21, 2012 2:12 PM
    derekulloAn iPhone with a keyboard ... CONGRATULATIONS YOU HAVE INVENTED THE NETBOOK


    Should be written on the back of every one of those keyboards.
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    Anonymous , September 21, 2012 6:27 PM
    I wants me a usb hub that tricks windows into thinking that all the usb thumb drives I have pluged into the hub are one big hard drive. Yes kinda like hay windows this here is one Ginormous hard drive, but on the back side it says I'm a gunna RAID all You cheep thumb diives togather, gunna trick that windows guy into letting me RAID, Ha Ha! tricked ya! Come on! Jumpstart this!
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    pocketdrummer , September 21, 2012 9:05 PM
    I had a bluetooth folding keyboard for my old Dell X50 pocket PC that was smaller than this. Too bad someone sat on it and broke it.
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    kronos_cornelius , September 21, 2012 9:36 PM
    I need this for my Galaxy Note. But any bluetooth keyboard will do really.

    I personally like to spend my money to build ever bigger desktops. So having my phone double as a netbook is great. I don't really need a laptop since I HATE doing real work on small devices. Posting comments on Tom's, replying to emails and reading news... YouTube is just about the only thing I'll do on any mobile device. Anything else has to wait until I am in from of my dual HD Monitors with 8-core bulldozer and the GTX480 for smooth Compiz !