Rosewill Brings Cases and PSUs Galore to Computex

First up is the Rosewill Throne, which is a full tower case with a slot system up top for controlling air flow and Plexiglass windows on the side and 10 2.5-inch slots and three 5.25-inch slots. Available in August, the Throne is going to cost $179 when it hits U.S. shelves.


Next up is the Rosewill Armor Evolution, a midtower case with seven 2.5-inch slots and three 5.25-inch slots. There's also an opening in the left-side panel for an additional fan. The Armor Evolution will be available in August/September and will cost $119.


Finally, Rosewill brought an abundance of PSUs to Computex, including the 500 watt Silent Night passive solution, the 450, 550, 650 and 750 watt Fortress series, and the 500, 600, 700 and 1000 watt Tachyon series. Rosewill couldn't give us much in the way of information on these, but there was also a 1600 watt called Hercules with 13 connectors.


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  • Lutfij
    the silentnight is the superflower/stryker PSU in another manufacturer sticker.
  • amuffin
    So that means it's actually a decent PSU^^
  • dudewitbow
    since these are normal certificated psus, i'm assuming these will be moderately low in price(and will probably combo well with rosewill cases for a 20-25$ combo) which will probably replace the green series for rosewill's normal certified psu line.