AMD Ships Half Billionth x86 CPU; Win a Laptop

It's a big day for AMD as it has just shipped its 500 millionth x86 processor. This milestone comes coincidently at the company's 40th anniversary.

To celebrate this milestone and birthday, AMD is giving away presents! All you have to do is do the Twitter thing for a while with AMD and you could win one of four HP Pavilion dv2z notebooks.

The details from AMD are as follows:

  • Follow AMD on Twitter (@AMD_Unprocessed), where a new question will be posted every other Monday beginning July 27.
  • Send AMD the answer via a direct message to AMD’s twitter handle @AMD_Unprocessed.
  • All eligible respondents will be entered into a drawing for an HP dv2z Notebook.
  • AMD will give away four AMD processor-based HP Pavilion dv2z notebooks over eight weeks, so fans have ample opportunities to show off their extensive knowledge about the company.

Find out more about the AMD contest here at its 40th Anniversary page.

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  • okibrian
    I'm so sick of all this Twitter, Facebook and My Space crap!
  • Area51
    AMD wants you to come over to myspace so they can twitter your yahoo til you google all over their facebook. Then maybe you would like them enough to buy their CPU :)
  • jarnail24
    I thought they would give away some super high performance desktop with crossfireX and super duper liquid cooling. But oh well a cheap laptop is not worth making a twitter account.
  • Other Comments
  • Anonymous
    Sadly I have no time for that!
  • okibrian
    I'm so sick of all this Twitter, Facebook and My Space crap!
  • goleafsguy
    Lol four? 500million processors sold and they can only afford to give away four laptops?:P