Asus Debuts ROG MARS 760 Dual-GPU Graphics Card

Asus has announced another off-planet graphics card, this one coming from Mars. The ROG MARS 760 Dual-GPU graphics card which, as the name indicates, has fused two GTX 760 graphics cards onto a single PCB.

As such, the card features a total of 4 GB of GDDR5 memory and a dual 256-bit memory interface. The card also features a 12-phase VRM design, which, according to Asus, makes the card produce 30 percent less power noise, increases efficiency by 15 percent, and extends the card's durability.

Cooling is achieved by a DirectCU II cooler that has been modified to cool both the GPUs.

Of course, what is the release of such a card without any performance numbers? Asus has informed us that the card can outperform the GTX Titan, running Crysis 3 percent to 14 percent faster, Tomb Raider 39 percent faster, and Bioshock Infinite 6 percent faster.

There was no word on pricing, but given what we know of Asus ROG graphics card pricing, don't expect it to come cheap. It'll hit shelves around the end of November.

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  • wanderer11
    I wonder if this will be priced like the $1500 MARS from a couple years ago.
  • Yuka
    So they just lunched, 2 years late (give or take), a GTX670x2. And even more, with just 2GB per GPU?

    Asus, I really like your products, but come on... If you price it in GTX780 territory this will earn a recommended, but otherwise, forget it. Don't waste your time on this product.

  • icemunk
    $449 and sold