Transcend takes DDR2 to 1200 MHz

While some manufacturers try to force DDR3 into the market, Trancend understands that the majority of performance platforms still use DDR2.

The company's aXeRAM is guaranteed stable to 1200 MHz data rate at CAS 5-5-5-15 and 2.20 volts, perfect for the overclocking efforts of many DDR2 users. These PC2-9600 modules are available as 2x 1 GB sets, using Micron D9 chips to enhance stability and finned aluminum heat spreaders for increased reliability. Inexperienced overclockers aren't left out, as the modules also provide EPP (Enhanced Performance Profiles) data for automatic enhancement under the "SLI Memory Mode" available in several nVidia chipset motherboards.

Micron D9 chips and finned spreaders allow Transcend aXeRAM exceptional speed and tighter timings
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