How Logitech Uses Machines to Stress Test its Keyboards

For its newest hardware offerings, Logitech boasts that its products are even more durable than ever, with much better tolerances to intense use. For example, Logitech advertises that many of its products are designed to continue operating through 20 million clicks or key presses. Of course, how could Logitech possibly test such a claim? It'd be insane to imagine that a test sample go under 20 million clicks... or is it? Apparently not, but thankfully it's not humans or animals who are doing the testing.

Logitech gave us a look at how it tests its keyboards. As you can see from the videos below, there is special software that works alongside the mechanical hardware to track and give feedback on the tests.

Logitech Keyboard Testing

It's not just Logitech's hardcore offerings that get this sort of testing; the company even puts its iPad keyboard accessories through a similar procedure.

Logitech iPad Keyboard Testing

These were taken from Logitech's QA lab in Switzerland, but the company did tell us that even more rigorous testing takes place in its labs in Asia.

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  • michalmierzwa
    Impressive numbers, but what does it mean? How many keystrokes an average gamer uses in weekend session. Perhaps if I install a key logger I will get my answer.
  • brandonjclark
    Doesn't account for people hitting the keys in different areas.
  • ssalim
    They need to stress test asd keys 100x more and w key 1000x more.
    Pretty cool though, but they don't stress all the keys.

    "but the company did tell us that even more rigorous testing takes place in its labs in Asia."
    Hehe, humans testing them?