Netscape Founder Helping to Make New Browser

The modern day web experience all started with Netscape 15 years ago. Since then, Netscape has fallen due to Microsoft's aggressive hand with Internet Explorer, but in its place have been alternatives such as Firefox.

Netscape's original father, Marc Andreessen is making another stab that changing the web market again with the secret development of another web browser.

Andreessen is backing a start up company called RockMelt. Little is known about the company and its products at this time, but the New York Times reports that a now-removed privacy policy on the RockMelt webpage indicated that there would be some link to Facebook.

This leads some to believe that the RockMelt browser would tie in closely with social networks.

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  • grieve
    The more the merrier...

    Never know might turn out OK. I used to love Netscape (A very long time ago)
  • hellwig
    When the choice was between IE4 and Netscape, you had to use netscape. I remember my first laptop (Compaq Presario) actualy came with Netscape 4.8 installed, which seemed odd since it already had IE4 too (oh, to be young and naive again).

    It will be interesting to see if this new browser makes it to market, and if it gets the same hype Firefox did. Chrome didn't do so well for Google.
  • megamanx00
    It's gonna have to be something amazing for me to even consider ditching Firefox.