NZXT's FN V2 Fans are Built to be Silent

NZXT has launched its FN V2 series case fans. To start off, it'll be releasing two fans – the FN V2 120 mm and the FN V2 140 mm.

"Today's high-performance PCs require high-performance cooling, but as fan airflow increases, noise is a growing concern. NZXT's new FN V2 fans were redesigned from the ground up to offer better acoustics and even better performance than old-fashioned case fans." – NZXT.

The 120 mm version will spin at 1200 RPM, while the 140 mm version will spin at 1000 RPM. For these speeds NZXT claims a noise level of 21 dBA, with an airflow rate of 45-50 CFM.

The fans also have vibration-dampening mounting grommets.

NZXT has priced the 120 mm fan at $8.99; the 140 mm FN V2 fan will cost $9.99. Availability is scheduled for March 2014.

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  • soccerplayer88
    Meh, COUGAR has been doing this for some time at better CFM marks with better dBa levels. The other thing NZXT is screwing up is using Rifle Bearings instead of a higher standard like Fluid-Dynamic.I'm not really sure who they're trying to target here. Do yourself a favor, instead of looking at these go for a COUGAR CF-V12H. There really is no downside unless orange isn't your color.
  • heero yuy
    ^ cougar do appear to have a thing for orangemy CMX1000 power supply units casing is a nice bright orange
  • Jack Revenant
    I'd support Cougar here as well. I swapped out the 140s on my Phantom 820 and Kraken x60 for green Cougar CFD140s, and the airflow increase is almost equal to the noise reduction, which is noticeable. Lovely fans, though admittedly they usually run 1.5-2 times the cost of these NZXTs.