Microsoft to Roll Out Ribbon Again for Windows 8

Microsoft's Ribbon UI design first debuted in Office 2007. Those accustomed to the traditional (and still oft-used) layout of Windows applications found the Ribbon UI of Office 2007 found that their productivity was often hampered – a troubling change for a productivity software suite.

Over the years since then, the Ribbon design idea has slowly made itself understandable to users though refinements and just plain pervasiveness as Microsoft continues to push it. The next big platform for even more Ribbon could be Windows 8.

According to Within Windows and WinSuperSite, Windows 8 will likely have a Ribbon interface for Windows Explorer, which is used for file management in the operating system. Ribbon in its current form in Windows 8 replacement the menu and toolbar. In the opinion of the authors, the change comes at the expense of screen real estate and attractiveness.

Several Ribbons are available depending on the directory or folder. Ones dedicated to images could have picture tools available on the Ribbon.

At this stage, it appears that the Ribbon UI for Windows Explorer in Windows 8 can be disabled – which is considerate for all those who are comfortable with the current system.

Discuss more about this and other Windows 8 features here!

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  • manitoublack
    Ban the Ribbin!! it's crap. AutoCAD 2010 got it, and they had the forsight to make sure you could disable it.

    Uses too much screen realestate
  • Anonymous
    Why should it be at the cost of attractiveness? Text menu's are attractive? My old mother would like something rather icon based a thousand times better than having to remember a text-menu structure the way many old-time computer-users are used to. If Apple had suggested something like this it would be considered simply innovative. The way change in systems, even for the better, is often met with resentment is interesting, telling something about how conservative in a literal sense the IT community actually is. Despite it's innovative self-image.
  • Humans think
    So the browsers get slimmer and slimmer to the point of losing functionality. And Windows on the other hand wants to get to the opposite site of minimalistic design by enabling ribbons in the system.

    Tbh I like the ribbons in Office, I work faster and I have no problem when using my 1920*1200 display. But in Windows, I already know all the shortcuts and take full advantage of right-click menus and the available real-estate.

    Some changes made to Windows, I still think are to the wrong direction like changing the new control panel and the right-click menu in network adapters. But some are in the right direction like right-click menu of the sound.

    About the ribbons, I agree with godofmosquitos that it will help novice users but I don't think they will be usable @ small screens. Keep the feature to let us disable it at will and it is a win-win situation.