AVIVO HD vs. Purevideo HD Part 3: Midrange and Low-end Card Performance

Meet The Contestants, Continued

Video Card 3:
Radeon HD 2600 XT
Codename: RV630
Process: 65 nm
Universal Shaders: 120
Texture Units: 8
ROPs: 4
Memory Bus: 128-bit
Core Speed MHz: 800
Memory Speed MHz: 700 (1400 effective)
DirectX / Shader Model DX 10 / SM 4.0

The 2600 XT is ATI's best DirectX 10 gaming card below the 2900 series, although both its price as well as gaming performance are below that of the 8600 GTS. At first glance, the Radeon 2x00 series appears more tailored to HD video than its GeForce counterparts, with HDMI output and an included audio-through-HDMI solution as standard equipment.

Video Card 4:
Radeon HD 2400 PRO
Codename: RV610
Process: 65 nm
Universal Shaders: 40
Texture Units: 4
ROPs: 4
Memory Bus: 64-bit
Core Speed MHz: 525
Memory Speed MHz: 500 (1000 effective)
DirectX / Shader Model DX 10 / SM 4.0

The 2400 PRO is the little brother of the 2600 XT, but offers the same HDMI output and audio solution as its older brother. Note that the 2400 PRO has half of the memory bus and texture units of the 2600 XT, and only a third of the universal shaders of its big brother - it's not much of a gaming card, but we're going to see how well it can serve video.

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