Best SSDs


As CPU performance hits new and unforeseen heights, processors increasingly spend time waiting on data from hard drives. This is what makes storage today's most glaring bottleneck, and overcoming it requires an SSD. Frankly, the real-world differences between SSDs in a desktop environment aren't altogether large. The most noticeable performance increase occurs when you go from a hard disk to just about any solid-state drive.

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Best SATA Solid State Drives

01/19/2018 Update: The rapidly evolving Spectre/Meltdown security fixes may (or may not) affect performance in significant ways. This will obviously require retesting. But as new OS patches and BIOS updates are currently arriving on a daily (sometimes hourly) basis, for now there’s currently no feasible way to keep our test results up to date. Any comprehensive re-testing would almost certainly be out of date by the time we could post it. In the meantime, you can head here for our latest updates on the Spectre and Meltdown saga.

Once a clearer picture of the post- Meltdown/Spectre landscape starts to take shape and we get a sense that fixes are final—or at least relatively stable—we will retest our hardware and update this page accordingly.

11/27/2017 Update: reviewed the 250GB & 500GB HP S700 and the 120GB Samsung 850 (no awards, not listed).

10/12/2017 Update: reviewed the 240GB, 480GB & 960GB Toshiba TR200 (no award, not listed).


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  • Please Dont Spam Dave
    Where are the budget SSD's? I'd love to see some 250GB recommendations, as soo many people need to swap out an old junky hard drive with an SSD to get their computers running faster...

    I've been loyal to the Samsung 850 Evos, but now I'm seeing a whole new range of cheap $50 250GB SSD's...
  • Iavan_ Excellent ssd from kingston I use it, noiseless, fast, reliable. Delivery is fast, great seller. I advise everyone. You can choose any size of memory, under your budget.
  • bull2760
    Plextor has been missing software since its debut. When the drive was first released I purchased it, going on almost a full year with it and they still have no software to monitor this drive. The performance of this drive vs the Samsung EVO class is a joke. Being an owner of both drives I can tell you without a doubt the EVO is the better drive. I don't care about the MLC vs TLC endurance I'll never use up all the writes on either drive. For plextor to produce a drive and not have software is a massive failure on there part.
  • ibaldo
    Should add a 1TB SATA SSD to the recommendations...
  • Sujan Tablero
    This is noiseless, fast and reliable
  • LordConrad
    The Crucial MX300 1TB is a great low-cost option. The Crucial software enables memory caching to further increase performance.
  • Joker41NAM
    I'm curious, why no 1TB SATA recommendation?
  • willie nugs
    The Best SSD list on this website sucks. It's not complete not is it representative of the available options in the market. I follow this list weekly, and it hasn't been a very good source of info for at least a year now. I wish this website would step it up. SSD's are so important to a computer, I don't understand why tomshardware had such a pathetic "best ssd" section on their website.
  • jimmyEatWord
    although SSD's were samsung's invention the best SSD's are Adata , besides intel that no one can afford
  • SumTingW0ng
    Samsung for me.
  • willie nugs
    The best performing SSD's are Samsung. Period. Now, that answer changes when the question is about the best value. That can sometimes be the SK Hynix SL308, but that won't be true if it costs the same, or very close to, the price of the Samsung 850 EVO.

    This is true for consumer SSDs and not necessarily true for Enterprise level SSDs.
  • TJohn
    Been using the SK hynix 256G since initially recommended here. C drive on my desktop. Has been flawless and fast. I always double-check with Newegg as the will beat amazon on some deals.
  • tommatthews1951
    I agree with the comment by Willie Nugs. The information is woefully incomplete. Virtually every SATA-based SSD is compared against the Samsung EVO and yet, other than the high capacity models, it is not even listed. I know the difficulty in keep all of this information up to date, but the top rated SSD for the last 18 months, should be mentioned especially since you reference Samsung SSDs within the review of the others.
  • daglesj
    I think review sites like Toms/Anandtech forget we dont update our kit like they get sent review samples every day. They forget we as consumers need to see how the new stuff compares to kit from 12-18 months ago not just what came out a month before.
  • andymur
    Did you know that, to my knowledge, only line of Samsung pro 850 and SanDisk Extreme PRO 960GB/480GB offer included 10 year warranty, which even surpases sas ssd-s.
  • bull2760
    You need to update this list. The Plextor drive has been out for nearly 2 years not and still has no software to monitor the drive. Not to mention their stupid ass firmware boot message that pops up every time your computer starts up. Reminds me of RAID card booting, so annoying! Plextor is a mere shadow of what it once was.
  • bestraughn
    Does anyone see the price of SSD's going down anytime soon? I think $130-$170 for a 256GB drive is a bit ridiculous. I know an SSD as a boot drive is a life changing PC experience and all but I think the prices are quite exorbitant when you compare it to a 4TB storage drive can be had for $120-$140.
  • asapittech
    please update latest ssd in this list.
  • Kevin-M
    It will be really cool when the new wears off and the price of these comes down to something realistic and not some fabricated price point that cant be justified!