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Two GeForce GTX 770s In SLI Are, Obviously, Fast

System Builder Marathon, Q4 2013: $1600 Enthusiast PC

We spent an extra $300 on this quarter's build with the goal of achieving phenomenal gaming performance. How successful were we? The chart below reflects the averages.

Although CPU-oriented tasks didn't budge at all in light of an identical CPU hitting the same old overclock, the numbers from our four popular titles were up notably. 

Those figures don't even tell the whole tale, in my opinion. Let's have a look at the results and 1920x1080 with high detail settings and 4800x900, our entry-level three-screen resolution.

That's quite a bit more compelling. This quarter's $1600 PC is certainly more capable in games than what I've presented in the past. Playing through Battlefield 3 and Far Cry 3, my final System Builder Marathon machine of the year never dipped below 40 FPS at 5760x1080 in overclocked form, whereas my last effort fell as low as 20 FPS. Particularly if you want to play across three screens, the extra $300 is money well-spent.

Despite the added cost of one MSI Gaming N770 card, I also managed to squeeze a second terabyte of storage into the new build, plus a slightly faster Samsung 840 Pro SSD. Most of my cost-savings came from NZXT's cheaper Gamma case, Asus' Z87-Plus motherboard, and Enermax's ETS-T40 cooler, all of which worked well, despite lower price tags.

Keep this parting thought in mind: we're fully aware that the SBM test suite is showing its age, and we have new benchmark results with more modern games. You're going to see this surface in our Day 4 analysis from Thomas. For as well as my two GeForce GTX 770s did today, they should shine even more brightly when they're presented with modern 3D workloads to tackle. Fingers crossed!

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