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HTML5 And CSS3 Performance

Chrome 27, Firefox 22, IE10, And Opera Next, Benchmarked


WebXPRT 2013 by Principled Technologies is now out of the consumer preview stage and officially live. This HTML5 benchmark is framed in the scenario of Web apps for productivity. Tests include photo effects and face detection to represent common tasks of an image editor, a stocks dashboard with tables and charts, and an offline notes app.

Add another win to the Firefox tally, though Chrome is so close that Mozilla nearly has a tie on its hands. IE10 and Opera Next are distant third- and fourth-place finishers (respectively), and Opera 12 is far behind the pack in last place. Once again, Opera Next appears to be taking the Norwegian browser in the right direction, posting nearly double the score of Opera 12.

This benchmark is a timedemo of the Impact HTML5 game, so it should be pretty indicative of casual, 2D HTML5-based titles.

IE10 pulls off an upset, achieving the highest score in Impact and beating Chrome by just 1100 points. Firefox places third, with the duo of Operas in tow. Next upstages the current version of Opera again, though not by nearly as much as in the productivity-oriented WebXPRT.


Also returning to the WBGP is a CSS test. KaizouMark is a modern CSS3 benchmark that returns individual results for its five tests. The top set of bars is the sum of the five higher-is-better KaizouMark scores, while the remaining bars contain the individual test results.

Chrome takes the lead, with IE10 placing second. Firefox 22 winds up in third, Opera Next takes fourth, and Opera 12 isn't far behind in fifth.

HTML5/CSS3 Composite Score

Our HTML5/CSS3 composite score is made up of all three tests on this page.

Chrome 27 barely pulls ahead of second-place finisher Mozilla Firefox, with IE10 close behind in third. Trailing the pack is Opera Next in fourth place. Opera 12 falls to the bottom with a score of roughly half that of Chrome or Firefox.

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