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Kingston ValueRAM PC3-10600

DDR3-1333 Speed and Latency Shootout

Kingston is probably the most mainstream brand of this shootout, offering a complete module range from mundane to spectacular. In fact the company provided us with two similar-speed kits, its ValueRAM PC3-10600 being the "standard performance" parts.

The modules look rather mundane, but Kingston blesses its part number KVR1333D3N8/1G with performance-oriented 8-8-8-24 rated timings at a motherboard's stock 1.50 volts. Two of these 1 GB modules are needed to make a dual-channel "kit," thus the company provided two packages for this comparison.

SPD values for 667, 583, 500 and 416 MHz allow automatic configuration to DDR3-1333, DDR3-1066, DDR3-1000 and DDR3-800 settings, with a little overclocking headroom for the odd-appearing 416 and 583 MHz clock rates.

Because these modules provide an SPD value exactly the same as the rated settings, a builder won't need to manually configure BIOS to reach rated performance levels.

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