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Building With The Z7 Plus

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The Z7 Plus includes a basic user's manual, a second side-panel fan, and a bag filled with standoffs, standard screws for the motherboard, shoulder screws for the hard drive cage, and cable ties.

Our preference for a desktop placement led us to install the optical drive in a center bay. Removing the drive adapter tray from the bottom and placing it on top gave us a handy place to stuff excess cable.

Zalman doesn’t provide a top-panel exhaust fan, but the power supply’s intake fan serves the same function.

Notice that the Z7 Plus, like its NZXT competitor, forced us to overlap the hard drive and graphics card. Repositioning the hard drive cage allows cards up to 16.8” long to be installed through the drive bays, but the space between the back of a 3.5” hard drive and slot panel is only 10.44.”

Pre-installing only one of the Z7 Plus’ two included side fans makes sense, since Zalman is also a CPU cooler company. Leaving the top fan out allows extra space for oversized coolers, such as our test platform’s 120mm tower.

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