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Benchmark Results: DiRT 2 (DX11)

Amazing SLI Scaling: Do Two GeForce GTX 460s Beat One GTX 480?

SLI domination continues to place two GeForce GTX 460 graphics cards significantly ahead of the single GeForce GTX 480 in DiRT 2.

The SLI configuration surges to a 29% lead over the single GeForce GTX 480 at 1920x1080, besting its own single-card configuration by a similarly-impressive 89%.

Gamers who can live without AA will find DiRT 2 playable at 2560x1600 on a single GeForce GTX 460, but anyone who has invested this much money in a display setup might prefer the higher frame rates of a higher-priced solution. The dual GeForce GTX 460s take performance beyond anything realistically needed by a single display.

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