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Final Preparations Are Made...

Event: Gigabyte's Global Overclocking Finals
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Mengming Ma, Vice President of Gigabyte Technology

Ma Mengming, vice president of Gigabyte, presided over the overclocking finals, and was the one responsible for inviting representatives of the company’s co-sponsors to participate in the opening ceremony. The brilliant performances of cheerleaders received unanimous applause from those present at the opening ceremony, as the overclocking competition-related matters were then explained to visitors in Chinese and English.

After the opening ceremony ended, visitors were able to put votes into ballot boxes. Meanwhile, the projection display screen located in the overclocking competition area displayed the last zero count, on which the starting and ending times of each phase of the contest—as well as best-to-date results of the teams—were displayed so that participants could keep track.

The spectacular performance by the cheerleader of the event.Before the contest, visitors put their predictions into the ticket box, while the participating teams were busy with their final preparations.

The projection screen located at the Overclocking Contest Area shows the count-down time for the start of the match.

The Teams Get Ready

Before the competition formally began, the teams made relevant preparations in the overclocking competition area, which included providing mounting LN2 equipment to relevant hardware, modifying the circuits of competition-specific components, and so on.

Self-carried processor-specific copper cylinder was being installedThe participating team players were working together to jointly install a processor-specific copper cylinder.

After the moisture-proof work is done, the display card-specific copper cylinder was about to be installedThe circuit of the display card provided by Gigabyte Technology was directly modified on-site.

There were two teams representing China for this contest; one was conducting BIOS calibration before the match.The blower is supposed to increase temperature when the utilization of LN2 causes over-cooling of the processor, which can lead to failure in starting up the machine.

Once everything is ready, the contest platform was officially started.The contest team representing South Africa repeatedly displayed its platform wrapped with a housing made of Styrofoam.

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