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Benchmark Results: Gaming

Mobile Core i7-920XM: Power Is The Price For Better Performance

When you have flagship CPUs, G92-based graphics modules (GeForce GTX 260M), and plenty of memory, gaming on a desktop replacement notebook becomes a reality. Armed with the same graphics processor, both platforms demonstrate similar performance sans anti-aliasing. Turn up the intensity, though, and the Core i7-920XM pulls ahead in Far Cry 2.

Notoriously CPU-hungry, Grand Theft Auto IV offers slightly better performance on the Core i7-920XM, but it’s not a particularly significant difference. The limiting factor here is most definitely Nvidia’s G92-class GTX 260M.

Left 4 Dead is all about CPU performance once you match it up to a “good-enough” graphics processor. With no AA or AF applied, you get a sizable performance boost. That performance delta narrows once graphics are intensified; however, there’s still a notable advantage in favor of the “slower” Core i7 thanks to Turbo Boost.

Here again we see Core i7-920XM unfettered by graphics bottlenecks shooting into a commanding lead over the previous flagship. Turning on 4xAA closes that gap a bit, but it’s still fairly clear that there’s performance to be had from a Turbo Boost-enabled Core i7 in comparison to the Core 2 Extreme QX9300.

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