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Benchmark Results: HTML5

Web Browser Grand Prix 2: Running The Linux Circuit

GUIMark 2 HTML5 Vector Charting (1 pixel)

In the single-pixel variant of GUIMark's HTML Vector Charting test, Opera places first, outdoing its Windows 7 score by over four frames per second. Firefox takes second place, just a fraction of a frame behind its score in Windows. Chrome's poor performance in this test gets even worse in Ubuntu, falling to just 3.5 FPS.

GUIMark 2 HTML5 Vector Charting (2 pixels)

The placing of the original 2-pixel version of this test remains the same as the 1-pixel variant. Opera has a clear lead, with only a minor decrease in frame rate. Firefox holds onto the middle spot, but loses almost two frames. Chrome's terrible score remains terrible.

GUIMark 2 HTML5 Bitmap Gaming

Unlike the sporadic results in Windows 7, all of the Linux browsers do quite well, making for a very close race. Opera places first with just under 10 FPS. Firefox isn't far behind the leader, scoring under a half frame per second less than Opera. Google Chrome takes last place again, but still well within nine FPS. All of the browsers perform substantially better in Ubuntu 10.04 versus Windows 7.

GUIMark 2 HTML5 Text Columns

Opera doesn't relinquish the top spot, taking in 24.5 FPS. Chrome comes in second place, three full frames behind Opera. Firefox fills the third spot, barely over one frame behind Chrome, yet still in excess of 20 FPS. Ubuntu again seriously outperforms Windows on this test in all three browsers.

The results are actually reversed in Windows 7, making Opera's victory in Ubuntu a significant improvement over the Windows version.

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