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Transcend Class 6 16 GB, 150X 4 GB

13 SDHC Memory Cards Reviewed

The last two products in this roundup were provided by Transcend, which has been another important player in the memory market. The first of these was the Class 6 rated card with a total capacity of 16 GB; there are also 4 GB and 8 GB models available.

Our 16 GB test sample was good for 19.7 MB/s maximum read transfer rate and up to 15.9 MB/s maximum write throughput. The minimum write speed was 12.8 MB/s, which is a nice result.

The second card is the 150X Class 6 SDHC, and is meant to be even faster. While this was in fact the case for maximum write throughput, the minimum write transfer rate was actually a bit slower than what we saw with the conventional Class 6 card. Read throughput was generally high at 19.6-19.7 MB/s minimum to maximum read transfer rate.

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