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Benchmark Results: Archiving

Ubuntu 10.10: Maverick Meerkat Benchmarked And Reviewed

In previous Ubuntu reviews, we tested file compression/decompression times using ZIP and 7z. We decided to drop 7z because it never really caught on the way that ZIP or even RAR have, despite dramatically improved compression ratios. In its place, we will be using tar.gz, possibly the most common archive extension in the Linux ecosystem. The 334.6 MB folder containing a random assortment of benchmarking files remains as our test folder. ZIP compresses the test folder down to 332.7 MB, while tar.gz takes it down to 332.5 MB.

Lucid Lynx finishes compressing the test folder into a ZIP file a full second before Maverick Meerkat. The Lynx yet again beats the Meerkat in decompressing the ZIP file, but only by a tenth of a second. Tar.gz compression is less than a half second faster in Lucid as well. Decompressing the tar.gz archive is a draw between Ubuntu 10.10 and 10.104 LTS. The results in our archiving tests are a sweep for Lucid Lynx, but only by sub-second amounts.

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