Frontier Developments Releases PVP-Focused 'Elite: Dangerous Arena' As Standalone Title

Elite: Dangerous and its subsequent Horizons expansion allow you to explore a massive universe where you can trade goods, smuggle cargo or even live the life of a space pirate. However, roaming the universe isn’t for everyone, and some players just want to fly spaceships and fight other players. Frontier Developments created a mode called “CQC” within Elite: Dangerous for this exact purpose, but now it’s available as a standalone titled called Elite: Dangerous Arena.

The new game offers four ships to fly and four maps to explore. You can choose to play a traditional team deathmatch or capture the flag game, or you can brawl against everyone in an eight-player free-for-all deathmatch.

There’s also a chance to win some real-world money in Arena. Frontier Developments is hosting a Close Quarters Combat Championship this year. Preliminary matches will take place during the spring and summer. The winners of those matches will get an invite to the grand finals, which takes place later this year at a secret location. Players will then battle for the grand prize: $100,000.

A standalone version of Arena won’t cost you much at $7.49, and if you purchased Elite: Dangerous, you already own a copy of Arena, so there’s no need to buy a separate pack. If you want to get the full package (Elite: Dangerous, Horizons and Arena), you can purchase the deluxe edition for $59.99, but if you bought Arena by itself and decided to then buy the full Elite: Dangerous experience along with the Horizons expansion later on, you’ll get a discount of $7.49 off of the original $59.99 price tag.

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  • jasonelmore
    i just wish dog fighting was more fun in ED, like star citizen.. The auto locking gimbled weapons take all the skill out of aiming.. its a throttle control simulator.
  • spacedog1973
    Then don't use gimbled weapons duh
  • therealduckofdeath
    You get a power and damage bonus from using non-gimbaled weapons.
    And, you think dogfighting in the year 3302 is more realistic if weapons can't help you aim? I think you're looking for some WW I game, jasonelmore... :D