'Divinity: Original Sin 2' Game Master Mode Lets You Create Your Own RPG Campaign

When Larian Studios put Divinity: Original Sin 2 on Kickstarter, the goal was to reach $500,000 in backer funding, which was easily reached in about 12 hours. This prompted the studio to add stretch goals for additional funds. This included other additions such as racial skills ($1 million), dedicated mod support ($1.65 million), and a Game Master mode ($2 million) . When the campaign was over, it garnered $2,032,434, which meant that all stretch goals were reached, exceeding the studio’s expectations. Even though the game is still in development, the developers showed off Game Master mode, which will let you create your own tabletop role-playing adventure within the game.

As the Game Master, you’ll have a plethora of tools at your disposal. For instance, you can use the game’s map editor to design your own levels to use in any campaign, or you can use one of the maps created by the developers. Within each area, you can populate it with different flora and fauna, structures, and other effects to set the right tone when your players explore a new area or fight a tough boss. Speaking of enemies, you’ll also be able to add as many foes or non-playable characters as you like to populate your areas. You can set their level, adjust stats, and even give them different magical abilities or items to use.

During the game, you’ll have control of the enemies and other characters that you placed in the level. You can control how they move, interact, and fight with other players. You can also determine which dice are used for specific rolls. If players successfully make their way past a combat scenario, you can create items with specific stats and hand them out (or you can just give them gold).

Any content you create within the game can be shared to the Steam Workshop, and you can even download other content created by fans. If you want to see more of Game Master mode in action, you can tune in to the studio’s Twitch channel at 4 p.m. PT to watch a campaign led by Geek and Sundry’s Matt Mercer, who hosts the Critical Role webcast where several voice actors play through a Dungeons & Dragons campaign of Mercer's creation.

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NameDivinity: Original Sin 2
TypeRole-playing game
DeveloperLarian Studios
PublisherLarian Studios
Where To BuySteam
Release Date2017
  • everygamer
    I would just recommend a customizable HUD, allowing players to build their own radial menu's and place icons for events anywhere on the screen they want. Transparency in case they need to overlap the playable area. And for the painter effects that they showed, fire and curse, etc they should let people pre-paint and store patterns and combined effects.
  • RomeoReject
    This sounds so awesome for a really specific niche.
  • ibjeepr
    I hope they do a better job of it than the last Kickstarter funded game that made the same promise. (I can't remember the name) I loved "D:OS" 1 so here's hoping.