'Watch Dogs 2,' 'Steep' Get Tobii Eye Tracking Support

The number of Ubisoft titles that support Tobii’s eye-tracking tech continues to increase. Earlier this year, Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate and Tom Clancy’s The Division added eye-tracking support to let players use Tobii’s peripherals. Now Watch Dogs 2 and the snow-based Steep have joined this list.

Because Watch Dogs 2 centers around the idea of hacking, the use of a Tobii peripheral will allow you to look at an object to manipulate its abilities. This means that instead of using the mouse to hack a car, phone, or laptop, you can just gaze at the device. With Steep, the eye-tracking integration is more about admiring your surroundings. A more transparent UI means your eyes have more space to use as the camera pans around the area. It also means that you’re less distracted with points and notifications so you can take in the scenic views of the Alps.  

Support for both games comes a little more than a week before the launch of Tobii's latest product, the Tobii Eye Tracker 4C, which has head-tracking capabilities on top of the traditional eye-tracking features. The new device features what the company dubbed the world’s first application-specific integrated circuit, which is appropriately called the Tobii EyeChip. According to Tobii, the EyeChip reduces CPU load and overall power consumption compared to the Tobii EyeX model--the specs state that the EyeX has a CPU load of 10%, whereas the 4C reduces CPU load to 1%.

You can pre-order the 4C for $149, and the company expects to ship the new device on November 25. The PC version of Watch Dogs 2 comes out November 29; Steep arrives a few days later on December 2.

  • Oenomel_G
    Has there been a comparison done of players using the eye tracking SOBER vs DRINKING? Cops use eye tracking in sobriety tests.....just asking.....