Intel’s X25-E SSD Walks All Over The Competition

Workstation I/O Efficiency

In this benchmark, we measure workstation I/O performance while tracking power consumption during the workload. Finally, we calculate performance by watt, dividing I/O operations per second by the average power used.

As expected, the workstation I/O performance of Intel’s new X25-E flash SSD dominates all of the competition. It is nine times as fast as an Mtron Pro 7500, which also is a professional product that was intended for servers and workstations. While the 15,000 RPM hard drives still did well when compared to the Samsung and Mtron SSDs, the X25-E outclasses them.

The 15,000 RPM hard drives required 17.1 W and 18.5 W of average power during the workstation I/O benchmark; Intel’s X25-E was at only 1.1 W on average. Let’s look at performance per Watt now.

Low power combined with maximum performance results in mind-boggling efficiency figures for the new X25-E server SSD by Intel. Whether you like the product or not, the X25-E provides the workstation performance of fifteen 15,000 RPM hard drives at 1/16 of their power requirement. We don’t dare to think of the total power requirements of 15 hard drives!