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VIDEO: Apple Co-founder Woz Remembers Steve Jobs

It's been two days since Steve Jobs' family released a statement informing the world that he had passed away. However, the tributes and stories from people who knew and loved Steve are still flowing fast. The Associated Press caught up with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak to ask him how he felt about hearing the news. Though the Woz hasn't worked full-time for Apple since 1987, he and Jobs are said to have remained in touch. Watch his comments on the passing of his business partner below:

  • CaedenV
    Jobs was a great business man who surrounded himself with great thinkers like The Woz.
  • nebun
    like it or not Steve Jobs is the best business man the world would ever know
  • Hellbound
    There is no denying Steve Jobs was a true innovator, and a creative genius. He was a huge contributor to technology, and a consummate business man. What he did very few could accomplish. Love or hate him, Steve Jobs impacted the gadgets you have today.

    Without being overly sentimental, he will always live on in the soul of technology.
  • aznshinobi
    Wow, the mention of Woz reminds me of Code Monkeys, blast from the past right there.
  • bison88
    Steve Woz is the secret man that only technology enthusiasts really know about it. Without Jobs, Apple wouldn't be as big or successful as it is now. Without Woz, there would be no Apple.
  • del35
    I will not deny that Steve Jobs Was a highly driven business man, and thanks to really brilliant people like Woz he was able to move ahead. Too bad he eventually screwed his buddy and went to greener pastures.
  • FloKid
    I see news about Steve where they bash him for being mean to he's employees and others around him. This vid just shows how much people cared about him, despite some wrongs. No one is perfect and Jobs had a hard life, so I think it's wrong to remember him as a tyrant. The world just has to move on and learn from he's positive work. Long live the iPod : )
  • eklipz330
    bison88Steve Woz is the secret man that only technology enthusiasts really know about it. Without Jobs, Apple wouldn't be as big or successful as it is now. Without Woz, there would be no Apple.apparently they had a huge argument over steve losing his job at apple around 20 years back... and when he ca,e back, woz left or something or other
  • jj463rd
    Some other videos are at Steve Wozniak's website too although this one was the most touching of them (seeing Woz shed tears at the end).
    I watched these a few days ago including this one (I went there to see his reaction to the news). Thankfully we still have Steve Wozniak with us whom nearly all PC (Windows/Linux) users can respect and admire too.In a way I would prefer to have Steve Wozniak introduce Apple products rather than Tim Cook although I am a PC user.

    Apple wouldn't have been formed without the business dealings of Steve Jobs (and Mark Markula's investment).It was Steve Jobs who really talked Wozniak into forming a corporation and going into business.Otherwise Wozniak would have just built his first microcomputer for himself and maybe for his friends.Wozniak might never have been fabulously successful and wealthy and so well famed.
    They (Woz,Jobs and others) were a successful team highly dependent on each other.Take one out of the equation and Apple Computer would have never have happened.But it is true that without Woz and his creations (the Apple I and II) there would be no Apple.Woz might have ended up as a highly successful engineer for HP but Jobs might have ended up as a used car salesman instead.Wozniak and Jobs met through a mutual friend a individual named Bill Fernandez.At the time of the meeting Wozniak was 21 years of age and Jobs 16 years of age.Previously in the early 1960's (1964?) I think from what I've read before Steve Wozniak made a calculator out of transistors and it won at a local Science Fair.
    Again they wouldn't have outstandingly succeeded without each other.
    It's really an amazing story overall.
  • back_by_demand
    Apple should offer The Woz a job, now that Tim "Interesting" Cook is in charge and Steve Jobs has passed away I can only see Apple sinking into the same obscurity that happened the first time Steve left, The Woz would keep the public focussed on the company and its legacy a lot more than Tim "Dull As Dishwater" Cook ever would, he commands a lot more respect as well.