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Chrome Goes to 11, Brings Flattened Logo With It

Google's Chrome browser has been evolving faster than your Pokemon. Today the stable version of the browser reached version 11, which is quite remarkable considering that version 10 was released just in March.

Of course, it could be just a numbers game to see who can count up the fastest – but there are still a number of new improvements in the browser. Google Translate now supports microphone input via HTML5 (and your microphone). This speech recognition technology could have far reaching implications for more than just translations – especially for those who aren't able to use a keyboard.

Also new in version 11 is an update to the built-in Adobe Flash plugin and other security improvements. Immediately noticeable by all users, however, will be the new Google Chrome logo, which looks a little less like a pokeball.

Gone is this old logo:

And new is this flat one that follows the modern trend of minimalism:

Download Chrome 11 here.

  • draxssab
    Prefered was the ancient logo
  • phoenix777
    wow, love the logo.
  • jednx01
    This is news? Rofl. I've been using that logo with my beta version for months...
  • Big Daddy Rhino
    Hate the new logo. Gimme back my ball.
  • -Alessandro-
    it's a going-backwards logo... like more the 3D logo
  • casperstouch
    Does the old logo look similar to the portal character?
  • fritter87
    the old one looks much better!
  • Accidental
    Ubuntu 11 came out today. .. I feel 11s coming today.
  • derwin75
    I like the old Google Logo better than the new one....I wish Google changes it back.
  • renami9
    this is just my opinion, but i think the old logo looks more modern than the new logo.