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Tesoro's Thyrsus Mouse Packs 8200 DPI Optical Sensor And Omron Switches

Tesoro is a manufacturer that aims to build affordable peripherals that appeal to high-end users. Its new Thyrsus (yes, we had to read it three times too to get it right) is no exception, featuring high-end sensors and switches in a somewhat more affordable package. The shell is made of plastic with a soft-touch finish, and the Tesoro logo and scroll wheel are LED-lit with multi-color support.

The mouse is aimed at MMO and MOBA players, and it therefore has a total of six thumb buttons for macro controls, which you can use to swiftly execute in-game commands. The other four buttons are also programmable.

The driving force behind the mouse is its 8200 DPI optical sensor, which can communicate with the PC over a 1000 MHz polling rate for ultra-quick responses. The sensor can track at up to 150 IPS, and it offers 30gs of acceleration. The choice for an optical sensor is something we can appreciate, as mice with laser sensors often have smoothing, angle snapping, and acceleration built in to mask their more inaccurate tracking. Granted, you'll have to know your mice to be able to tell the difference.

To ensure the switches click as comfortably and reliably as possible, Tesoro opted to use Omrom switches under the left and right mouse buttons, which are good for an estimated 10 million clicks before failing.

The connection to your PC is made with a two-meter braided cable that has a gold-plated USB plug, and Tesoro provides the Thyrsus Software for you to adjust DPI settings, change profiles, adjust the multi-color lighting and record macros.

MSRP pricing sits at $69, with U.S. availability slated for August. On the shelf, pricing will likely be a little lower.

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Niels Broekhuijsen

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