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MPEG-4: Optimization of Picture Quality and Data Rate

Conclusion: Fast Motion Is Very Efficient, But Not A Universal Solution, Continued

In summary, it can be said that MPEG-4 is currently one of the most efficient compression procedures, as illustrated in the table below.

CompressionResolutionAverage Data RateQuality
MPEG-1352 x 288 Pixels172 kB/ssatisfactory
MPEG-2352 x 288 Pixels250 kB/svery good
MPEG-4352 x 288 Pixels80 kB/svery good

MPEG procedures in comparison: with reference to attainable quality with a low data rate, the MPEG-4 is the best compression procedure.

All the MPEG-4 videos incorporate these properties. The picture shows the features of a test sequence with a 500 kBit/s data rate.