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Win, Lose or Ti: 21 GeForce Titanium Boards

The Lineup: 21 Titanium Boards

The number of companies offering cards based on the new Titanium chips has continued to grow steadily over the last few months. Several new Korean and Chinese brands have entered the market, but we can also welcome a new player from the United States, an outfit called PNY. If you're planning on treating your computer to a new video card this Christmas, you'll face a difficult decision - the choices have never been so good, or so hard. For this test, we've assembled a field of 21 graphics cards using the new Titanium chips to get a rough overview of the products currently available in stores.

The suspects by name:

  • ASUS: V7700 Ti ; V8200 T2 Deluxe ; V8200 T5 Deluxe
  • Gainward: CARDEXpert GeForce2 Ti500 XP; CARDEXpert GeForce3 Ti550 TV
  • Gigabyte: Tundra GeForce3 Ti200
  • Hercules: 3D Prophet GeForce3 Ti200; 3D Prophet GeForce3 Ti500
  • Leadtek: WinFast Titanium TH; WinFast Titanium 200 TDH; WinFast Titanium 500 TD
  • MSI: GF2Ti Pro-VT; G3Ti200 Pro-TD; G3Ti500 Pro-VTG
  • Prolink PixelView: GeForce2 Ti
  • PNY: Verto GeForce3 Ti500
  • Suma: Platinum GeForce2 Ti; Platinum GeForce3 Ti200
  • Visiontek: Xtasy 5864 (GF2 Ti); Xtasy 6564 (Ti200); Xtasy 6964 (Ti500)

While this may seem like an impressive list, this selection of Ti boards represents only a fraction of what can be found in stores. Companies like ASUS, for example, offer no fewer than ten different variations on the Titanium theme. From this multitude, we have attempted to pick the most important and most interesting models - or at least the most important and interesting of the ones available to us.