Thermalright Intros Archon SB-E X2 CPU Cooler

Taking after the existing Thermalright Archon heatsink, the SB-E X2 will feature a slim design of just 53 mm across, making it friendly with RAM kits of any kind. The Archon SB-E X2 also borrows the same eight 6 mm copper heatpipe design from its predecessor, making it just as efficient at dispersing heat. The heatsink is also fully nickel-plated to reduce oxidation, rust and improve overall appearance.

However, the Archon SB-E X2 brings plenty of new features to the table, including the all new VX BTKII mounting system which includes Thermalright's pressure bracket. The pressure bracket allows users to safely increase heatsink pressure between 40 to 70 pounds.

The Thermalright Archon SB-E X2 is equipped with two PWM-controlled TY-141 140 mm silent fans, which are rated at a maximum of 73.6 CFM, while measuring 21 DBA. 

The Thermalright Archon SB-E X2 has an MSRP of $99.99, for more information visit the Archon SB-E X2 product page.

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  • r3pshow
    Old News ! :|
  • spookie
    r3pshowOld News ! :|

    Yea most places had the story on November 22
  • skaz
    I like. Wonder how this will stack up against my Venomous X?