Thermaltake's BlacX Docking Station Has Wi-Fi

Thermaltake has announced a new accessory – the BlacX Urban WiFi docking station. This product, in short, is simply a hot-swap hard drive docking station with a built-in wireless adapter.

The docking station can be filled with either a 2.5" or 3.5" SATA-based drive, and is accessible through either a USB 3.0 interface or a WiFi network created by the docking station itself. This network can be protected with up to WPA2 wireless security.

In the Google Play Store, as well as the Apple App Store, you'll be able to download apps for mobile phones and tablets to access the device, allowing you to avoid having to transfer the data to your mobile device through a PC or Mac. The app can be found by looking for "TtCloud."

Thermaltake - BlacX Urban Wi-Fi Edition HDD Docking Station

Thermaltake has not revealed information on availability or pricing.

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  • falchard
    This is a good idea.
  • qlum
    So basically you buy a hdd hub and you pay for a probbably shitty access point at the same time. That sure sounds like a good deal!
  • TheAdmiral
    Ok, that video is so stupid, why would you not use a projector in a conference room and rather people fuck about with some propriety system which probably doesn't work. Another great product from ThermalTacky.