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Superbox / Jou Jye ST-2320S/UES

Comparing External RAID Housings

The Superbox / Jou Jye ST-2320S/UES housing for two drives left us with mixed feelings. The carry strap appears a little strange initially, and the barely one kilogram heavy housing feels too light-weight to to really be solidly-built. Like the G-Force Megadisk MDE1000, the ST-2320S/UES has an external power supply. The power consumption of just one watt when switched off is also low. The maximum power consumption was determined during a RAID 1 rebuild, and measured 23 watts. The power consumption in idle is 18 watts.

The Package

The scope of delivery is respectable with a USB and eSATA cable, an external power supply plus cable, a detailed operating manual, screws for fitting the disks, and a CD-ROM that contains a range of drivers for USB controllers under Windows 98. Backup software is not supplied.

Installing The Drives

The drive cages are very light, but still stable. Only the plastic lever used to anchor the cage in the housing does not inspire confidence. The plastic locking and closing mechanism is also a little worrying. To unlock the drive cage, you must press the locking mechanism. A small rotating button can be turned through 90 degrees to lock and prevent unlocking. If you turn the button, however, you invariably unlock the drive cage, as the mechanism for opening the drive cage moves very easily.

Selecting The Operating Mode

The various configurations in which the ST-3220S/UES can be operated are the same as for the SansDigital Mobilestor MS2UTN+: RAID 0, RAID 1 or JBOD. Here, though, the operating modes are not set using a rotating button, but rather with DIP switches like the ones used on older motherboards and dot matrix printers. The currently-selected configuration is shown on the small display on the front of the unit. The fan speed can also be set manually to high or low.

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