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CPU Benchmarks: Content Creation

AMD A10-4600M Review: Mobile Trinity Gets Tested

We shifted over to Photoshop CS6 for this test, but retained our standard threaded filter benchmark. The result doesn’t reflect the benefit of OpenCL support. Nevertheless, AMD’s Trinity-based A10-4600M still fares much better than the Llano-based machine. With that said, the A10-4600M is still about 33% slower than Sandy Bridge.

Although our test doesn’t utilize the application’s OpenCL support, we wanted to point out that the feature only helps with a handful of tasks. Moreover, any OpenCL-enabled device enables support, including HD Graphics 3000 (even if Intel has to use software emulation to make it possible).

Intel scores a significant win in our 3ds Max workload. The A10-4600M performs much closer to the A8-3500M in this particular benchmark.

Cinebench, based on Maxon’s Cinema 4D software, is a good test not only because it reflects the performance of a real-world application, but also because it facilitates the measurement of viewport refresh speed and rendering performance. The Trinity and Llano designs outperform Intel’s Sandy Bridge architecture in the former discipline, but fall behind when it comes to rendering the final output.

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