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3.30 GHz At 1.450 V

AMD's Athlon 64 X2 5000+ Black Edition

The highest stable clock speed that we were able to attain with our sample of the 5000+ Black Edition was 3.30 GHz. To reach this frequency, we had to increase the core voltage a little further to 1.450 V, still only 0.1 V over the default setting.

At 1.450V, our 5000+ runs at 3.30 GHz.

Stable operation at 3.30 GHz.

At 3.30 GHz, the memory speed drops to DDR2-733 due to the memory divider. This can be an advantage, though, as it allows you to use cheaper DDR2-667 memory that can be overclocked to this speed, saving you additional money. Also, if you want to upgrade your existing system with the 5000+ Black Edition, you can also continue to use your existing memory, even if it is slower.

A clock speed of 3.30 GHz is a very respectable result for such an inexpensive CPU, especially considering that AMD's fastest CPU, the 6400+, runs at 3.20 GHz. In effect, AMD is giving away its best cores at bargain basement prices, giving its customers the option of increasing the CPU frequency without having to juggle the front-side bus or the memory speeds. Another advantage of the unlocked multiplier is that the motherboard temperature stays lower as well, since the chipset does not need to be overclocked, and can thus remain within its normal operating parameters.

The third of four promotional Black Edition stickers.
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