Double-Layer DVD: Lite-On, LG and BenQ

CD-R Burning Tests

Two opposing technologies were used to burn the CD-R. These were BenQ's CAV, LG's Lite-On and Z-CLV. In CAV mode, the disc speed remains constant, so that the further the beam moves from the center of the CD the faster the speed of burn. The Z-CLV also used a constant burning speed but in increments of 16x to 40x via 24x and 32x. In this test, Lite-On's SOHW-832S came out on top, taking only 3'04" to burn an 80 minute CD. The fluctuations shown on the BenQ graphic are due to the WOPC system that is constantly adjusting the laser power.

Comparative graph of the burning speed of a CD-R
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