Overclocking: Dual- vs. Quad-Core CPUs

Highlights Of The Gigabyte Board - More Features

A look at the Gigabyte board

The Gigabyte board from the other side

Like MSI's board, Gigabyte's model comes with a BIOS resetting feature. However, instead of a button, Gigabyte simply gives the user two pins. Close the contact between them using a screwdriver or a jumper, and the BIOS is reset. However, unlike MSI's solution, using this feature resets all BIOS settings except date and time.

Northbridge cooler

Southbridge cooler

Although Gigabyte's board doesn't boast a heatpipe, it does sport a very large Northbridge heatsink. Gigabyte chose a 6-phase power design - MSI uses a 4-phase design.


Sound chip

The board features Realtek's new ALC889a sound chip. Unlike MSI's board, the Gigabyte provides an optical and a coaxial digital output.

The ATX connector bracket.

eSATA equipment

Gigabyte's bundle consists of an ATX shield, which is color-coded and clearly marked, as well as an eSATA connector set, allowing the user to attach a normal SATA drive externally. An appropriate external power connector extension cord and shield are also included.

Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3 BIOS - click to launch slide show
  1. E6750 Or Q6600 - Which Is The Better Choice?
  2. The Processors - E6750 Or Q6600?
  3. Processor - G0 Stepping Is A Must
  4. Motherboard - Gigabyte Or MSI With P35 Chipset
  5. Highlights Of The MSI Board - Affordable, Heatpipe On Board
  6. Highlights Of The Gigabyte Board - More Features
  7. GEIL Memory - An Overclocking Natural
  8. Cooler - Zalman's CNPS9700LED Is Ideal
  9. Looking At The Bottom Line - CPU, Cooler, Board And RAM
  10. Overclocking I - Dual-Core E6750 At 3.00 GHz
  11. Overclocking II - Dual-Core E6750 At 3.30 GHz
  12. Overclocking III - Dual-Core E6750 At 3.40 GHz
  13. Overclocking IV - Dual-Core E6750 At 3.50 GHz
  14. Overclocking V - Dual-Core E6750 At 3.60 GHz
  15. Overclocking I - Quad-Core Q6600 At 3.00 GHz
  16. Overclocking II - Quad-Core Q6600 At 3.20 GHz
  17. Overclocking III - Quad-Core Q6600 At 3.30 GHz
  18. Overview Of Core Voltages
  19. Overclocking Yields 25% Performance Increase
  20. Performance Winner - Q6600 Provides 5.3% More Performance
  21. Test Setup
  22. Software Configuration
  23. Benchmarks And Settings
  24. 3D Games - UT2004, Prey
  25. 3D Games - Quake 4, Warhammer
  26. 3D Games - Supreme Commander, Serious Sam 2
  27. 3D-Rendering - Cinema 4D, 3D-Studio Max
  28. Applications - AVG, WinRAR
  29. Applications - Photoshop, PDF
  30. Applications - Deep Fritz
  31. Audio Encoding - ITunes, Lame
  32. Synthetic - Sandra CPU
  33. Synthetic - Sandra Memory
  34. Synthetic - Sandra Multimedia
  35. Synthetic - PC-Mark
  36. Synthetic - 3D-Mark
  37. Video Encoding - Xvid, Pinnacle Studio
  38. Video Encoding - Premiere, Mainconcept
  39. Video Encoding - HDTV, DivX
  40. Video Encoding - CloneDVD
  41. Conclusions: Intel Quad-Core And MSI P35 Neo2 Get Our Nod
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