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DVD-R Single-Layer Write Performance

Three External USB And eSATA Blu-ray Burners Tested

Our DVD media were rescued from 2009 leftovers, yet Verbatim’s quality shines through by pushing the limits of our drives.

Asus easily reaches the 16x theoretical maximum common to all three of our test drives, averaging 11.68x.

LG trumps Asus this time, with average speed climbs only slightly to 11.87x. Could this be due to its use of eSATA?

Plextor’s USB 3.0 inteface performance falls between that of Asus’s USB 3.0 and LG’s eSATA connection, though we still have another chart to look at before we can call this a win for eSATA.

A second look at LG’s performance, this time using USB 2.0, proves that it’s the drive, rather than the interface, responsible for the unit’s slightly better performance. DVD speeds have a far lower corresponding data rate than Blu-ray, but latency could have been an issue.

Plextor gains nothing in the change from USB 3.0 to eSATA.

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