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Results: BioShock Infinite

AMD Radeon HD 7730 Review: A Harbinger Of The Kaveri APU?

BioShock Infinite doesn't push graphics hardware much more than its predecessor. However, it's a great example of what can be done with the Unreal Engine 3.

At 1920x1080 and medium quality settings, the Radeon HD 7730 DDR3 and its contemporaries run into trouble trying to achieve playable performance, though the Radeon HD 7730 GDDR5 nearly gets there with a minimum frame rate of 26 FPS and an average over 30. Of course, it's the Radeon HD 7750 that wins by a large margin.

Our frame rate over time chart shows that the Radeon HD 7730 GDDR5 is under 30 FPS less than half of the time, which jives with our guidance that its performance can pass as playable.

All of the cards we tested demonstrate relatively low frame time variance, yielding a consistent experience.

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