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Results: PCMark Vantage And Tom's Hardware Storage Bench

Does Your Storage Controller Affect The Performance Of An SSD?
By , Achim Roos

In most PCMark 7 storage tests, Intel's Z77 and Z87 chipsets take first and second place, though AMD's SB950 and A75 are not far behind. As you shift down to the Marvell-based controllers and the 3 Gb/s logic, performance falls off a little more dramatically (though it's still quite fast). 

Vantage favors the two most recent Intel chipsets a lot more. We'd take those numbers with a grain of salt though; Vantage wasn't written with SSDs in mind, so it's likely that we're seeing an exaggeration of the true performance differences between these controllers in that metric. The challenge is that vendors are still leaning hard on Vantage as a tool for demonstrating the performance of their products, so we think it's important for us to correlate what those numbers show to what newer tests suggests. But now that PCMark 8 is out, we're hoping the industry shifts away from Futuremark's now two-generation-old system suite. We plan on incorporating PCMark 8 moving forward.

Tom's Hardware Storage Bench

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