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Software - Page 94


What is the best free anti-virus, the perfect software for data backup, or the best photo editing application? Tom's Hardware offers regular themed selections to keep you informed and help you make the best choice.

news - JUNE 29 67

Microsoft is looking to Apple for some inspiration on the user experience.

news - JUNE 28 26

Activision isn't having any problems recruiting staff for Infinity Ward.

news - JUNE 28 38

A more stable Firefox. Always a good thing.

reviews - JUNE 26 145

We've been hearing about OnLive's cloud-based service for more than a year now. The company claims it can offer the latest games on demand, without a need for meaty hardware requirements on the client end....

news - JUNE 25 36

Wings of Liberty, indeed.

news - JUNE 25 35

Good news: the movie won't be about real-world players getting sucked into Blizzard's virtual realm.

news - JUNE 25 24

Thirty-percent of the Second Life team was left go two weeks ago. Now the CEO is stepping down.

news - JUNE 25 15

Windows 7 SP1 Beta. It's a lot of hotfixes in a bundle... in beta.

news - JUNE 25 35

Who needs an iPad when you can have one of these babies for just four times the price?

news - JUNE 25 44

Microsoft has announced that Windows 7 has sold 150 million licenses to-date.

news - JUNE 25 37

Get the newer, faster IE9 preview build.

news - JUNE 24 24

Intel is porting Android to x86 for Atom-based devices.

news - JUNE 24 42

Just don't go into the subway. Oh wait, you have a nanosuit. It's all good, then.

news - JUNE 24 48


news - JUNE 23 8

Stock up on your games!

reviews - JUNE 23 0

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 includes a range of new and improved features to make application programming and implementation faster and easier.

news - JUNE 23 30

Become just a little more anonymous.

news - JUNE 22 26

So this is what a software partnership between Nokia and Intel looks like.

news - JUNE 22 16

Iron Man and security software. A match made in heaven.

news - JUNE 21 42

A new backdoor trojan can halt Windows even before the OS even completes the boot process.

news - JUNE 21 29

Dell will use Google's Chrome OS on upcoming devices.

news - JUNE 21 18

More CGI space battles.

news - JUNE 21 20

The next id Software shooter.

news - JUNE 21 16

More Fable goodness. I can't wait to get another dog.

news - JUNE 21 20

It's like make-your-own-justice-league.

news - JUNE 18 54

The classic PC gaming franchise remains close to its roots.